Breast Unit

Our services

The purpose of the unit is to see patients with specific breast problems, determine an accurate diagnosis and discuss any subsequent treatment that might be necessary, all with the minimum of delay.

We offer a free National Breast Screening Programme which offers women a 3 yearly mammogram from the ages of 50-71 routinely performed on screening vans that cover the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdon areas.

Breast screening appointments can be made following an invitation letter on which clients are asked to telephone to arrange a date and time for routine appointments.

We recognise that this is a particularly anxious time for you. You can be assured that your visit will be made as pleasant as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask any member of staff for information or assistance during your visit.


Referrals to the Cambridge breast unit can only be made through your general practitioner (GP).

Your GP will have full details of our referral policy, copies of which are available for GPs from the Cambridge breast unit or from our primary care liaison office.

Although many breast conditions will require referral, a number do not require referral to the breast unit, and can be managed satisfactorily in general practice.

For each condition, we have informed GPs of the breast unit’s policy on referral, and sent them information leaflets for their patients.

We also have published information for GPs to give to their patients who do not require referral to the breast unit.

High Risk Screening appointments are received via timed appointments following referral via the GP and the clinical genetics department.

How to find us

The Cambridge Breast Unit is located at the top of the road to the right hand side of the Rosie Hospital building