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Meet the Breast unit team

Meet the staff who make up the Cambridge Breast Unit.

Administrative team

The administration team work in the main office and reception areas. They are the first point of contact for patients, clients and visitors warmly welcoming them to the Breast Unit, helping with any questions or enquiries and providing up to date information for our Symptomatic and Breast Screening Services. They also provide a symptomatic breast clinic appointment booking service. The NHS Breast Screening Programme for the Cambridge and Huntingdon area is also co-ordinated by our friendly team of Administrators who can arrange and change appointments.

Administrative staff

Breast Screening Programme Manager

  • Lisa Tatham

Breast Screening Office Administration Manager

  • Rosie Bickerstaff

Breast Screening Office Deputy Administration Manager

  • Shelley Kilford

Screening / Symptomatic Administrators

  • Sally Roberts
  • Joanne Podd
  • Laura Duvall
  • Nicola Moss
  • Olga Linova

Family History / Annual 5 year Follow up Mammogram Administrator

  • Judy Skinner

High Risk Administrator

  • Emma Chilcott
  • Clinic Co-ordinator
  • Teresa Smith

QMS Manager / PA to Director of Screening & Radiologists

  • Sophia Lane

Radiographic team

The radiographic team in the Cambridge Breast Unit consists of radiographers, assistant practitioners and radiographic department assistants (RDAs). We work closely with our multi-disciplinary colleagues to provide high quality diagnostic imaging of all breast conditions, including breast cancer, to enable a prompt and accurate diagnosis to be made.

The role of our radiographers and assistant practitioners is to perform routine mammography imaging and specialist mammography techniques including 3D tomosynthesis, adapting to the varied needs of our patients at all times. A radiographer will also be the continuous point of contact for a patient attending an assessment appointment after breast screening recall, alleviating patient anxiety and ensuring all processes involved are running smoothly.

Our RDAs and all radiographic staff work closely with the Radiology team to provide chaperoning and assistance during procedures, and to support patients during what can be a difficult time.

Our consultant radiographer and advanced practitioner radiographers also perform x-ray and ultrasound-guided procedures, including localisations and biopsies, as part of the Radiology team.

Radiographic staff

Kathryn Taylor
Director of Breast Screening and Consultant Radiographer

Felicia Welburn
Superintendent Radiographer

Rosna Hoque
Deputy Superintendent Radiographer

Michelle Boyce
Advanced Practice Radiographer

Liana Hough
Consultant Radiographer

Kirsten Morris
Research Radiographer

Carla Benstead
Lead QA Mammographer

Meshiel Perolino

Chidinma Ukaegbu

Samantha Stangroome-Leader

Chido Nhiwatiwa

Krishna Bhalsod
Advanced practice radiographer

Megan Peloe

Faye Underwood
Assistant Practitioner

Luzel Carandang
Radiographic Department Assistant

Caroline Abbott
Radiographic Department Assistant

Alison Coxall
Radiographic Department Assistant

Jennifer Gault
Radiographic Department Assistant

Roseband Njeri
Radiographic Department Assistant

Katherine Watson
Apprentice Assistant Practitioner

Ruth Murrells
Apprentice Assistant Practitioner

Sophie Tolson
Apprentice Assistant Practitioner

Cristina Gomes Silva
Apprentice Assistant Practitioner


During your clinic appointment you are likely to meet a member of the Breast Radiology Team. These Radiology Consultants specialise in breast imaging and will interpret mammograms, perform ultrasounds and if needed perform additional imaging and image guided procedures such as biopsies. The Breast Radiologists work alongside the other members of the Breast Multidisciplinary Team in our ‘one stop clinics’ where clinical examination, imaging and biopsy can all take place in one appointment.

Our radiologists

James Tanner
Clinical Lead & Consultant Radiologist

Penny Moyle
Consultant Radiologist

Nuala Healy
Consultant Radiologist

Ruchi Sinnatamby
Consultant Radiologist

Fleur Kilburn-Toppin
Consultant Radiologist

Helen Taylor
Consultant Radiologist

Professor Fiona Gilbert
Consultant Radiologist

Matthew Wallis
Consultant Radiologist

Falak Masood
Consultant Radiologist

Elisabetta Giannotti
Consultant Radiologist

Specialist Doctors

Susanna Unsworth
Specialist Breast Doctor

Elisabeth Cole
Specialist Breast Doctor

Healthcare assistants (HCAs)

  • Susanna Kay
  • Trudi Morrish
  • Anne Kidman

Breast care nurses

The nurses in the Cambridge Breast Unit consist of Clinical Nurse Specialists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners. They are fully trained senior nurses who have expert knowledge and experience of breast cancer and its treatments, as well as non-cancerous breast problems and breast screening. The Nurses hold various clinics for new patients, such as follow-up and early discharge clinics. We work closely with other health professionals including doctors, nurses from other specialities and also liaise with GP’s and Community nurses to ensure the continuity of care in hospital and at home.

We are the link between the patient and the breast care team in hospital and in the community.

How we can help you

The Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) can help by:

  • Spending time with you and your partner to offer emotional support and advice.
  • Helping you to choose and understand the treatments you are being offered.
  • Being a point of contact if you are worried about any aspect of your care or diagnosis for as long as you need.
  • Seeing you before and after surgery on the ward.
  • Seeing you before and during chemotherapy treatment.
  • Checking if you have any problems with your wound after surgery.
  • Aspirating any fluid that may accumulate after surgery.
  • Providing information on after care.
  • Providing information on breast prosthesis and lymphoedema.
  • Being available to discuss any problems or concerns post surgery.

We want to hear from you. If you have any questions - no matter how silly you may think the question is, please call us on 01223 217627. You can leave your details on our voicemail if there is no one available in the office and we will get back to you as soon as we can (usually the same day).

If you have any problems with your wound at the weekend, please contact your Out of Hours GP or emergency services.

Breast care staff

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS)

  • Joanne Rowley (Lead)
  • Sian Goodwin
  • Heather Jarvis
  • Nicola Jones
  • Lisa Jordan
  • Charlotte Richardson
  • Karen Thorpe
  • Jill Barker

Oncology specialist nurse
Sharon Saunders

Oncology support nurse
Jennifer Bragg

Cancer navigator
Lisa Goodings
Email cancer navigators
CUH cancer support team

Prosthetic fitter / advisor
Agne Hall

CNS administrator / PA
Connie Warner


There are four Consultant Breast Surgeons in the Cambridge Breast Unit.

What do we do?

We work closely with our multi-disciplinary colleagues to provide accurate diagnosis and management of all breast diseases. This includes intractable breast pain, nipple discharge and benign or high risk breast abnormalities; though the majority of our work is dedicated to breast cancer. We also assess and surgically manage patients with a high risk for breast cancer or with a known breast cancer gene mutation.

We run a consultant-led service with support from experienced nurse practitioners and specialist breast care nurses.

What operations are available?

We offer a full range of breast surgery including diagnostic and excision biopsy, wide local excision (lumpectomy), mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and axillary node clearance.

Where appropriate, we use advanced oncoplastic techniques to improve cosmesis during breast conserving surgery. We offer all type of therapeutic mammaplasties (reshaping of the breast) and partial breast reconstruction with local flaps (your own tissue). We also offer an immediate or delayed breast reconstruction service using implants or flaps in collaboration with consultant colleagues in plastic surgery when indicated.

The unit has well documented low levels of local recurrence following breast conserving surgery as well as mastectomy.

Our surgeons

Ms Eleftheria Kleidi
Consultant Surgeon

Mr Parto Forouhi
Consultant Surgeon

Mr Amit Agrawal
Consultant Surgeon

Professor John Benson
Consultant Surgeon

Surgical admin team

Amy Law
Secretarial Lead / Admin Manager

Beverley Johnson
Secretary to Ms Eleftheria Kleidi and Mr Parto Forouhi

Mollie Clarke-Holland
Secretary to Mr Amit Agrawal

Zoe Bradford
Secretary to Professor John Benson