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Clinical neurophysiology

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Clinical neurophysiology are a team of healthcare scientists and doctors who undertake a wide range of physiological investigations that assess brain and nerve function, enabling diagnosis and monitoring of nervous system disorders.

The department provides an outpatient service to Cambridge and the surrounding areas of common investigations, such as electroencephalography (EEG) to record brain activity and nerve conduction studies / electromyography (NCS / EMG) to assess the function of peripheral nerves and muscles. More specialist services such as video EEG telemetry for monitoring of seizures and epilepsy are provided for patients across the East Anglia region.

The team also provide a range of neurophysiological tests for inpatients both at Cambridge University hospitals (CUH) and The Royal Papworth hospital, this includes a specialist intraoperative monitoring service performed during neurosurgery and orthopaedic spinal surgery.

Information for patients

Clinical Neurophysiology is part of the neurosciences directorate. We work closely with neurology and neurosurgery inpatients and outpatients. We have dedicated video EEG telemetry beds used for adults on ward A4 and for paediatric patients on ward F3. These beds are used exclusively for the use of recording long term EEG data for pre-arranged patients.

Please note that we operate out of two different locations within Addenbrooke's. Please check your appointment details or contact the department by calling 01223 348290 or emailing clinical neurophysiology if you are unsure where you will be seen.

Key staff

Andrew Michell – Clinical lead

Gareth Thomas – Joint service manager / lead healthcare scientist, clinical neurophysiology

Rebecca Chiripanyanga – Joint service manager / lead healthcare scientist, clinical neurophysiology

Referral information

How do I get referred?

We accept referrals from CUH consultants and consultants from surrounding hospitals. We also accept GP and allied health professional referrals for carpal tunnel / ulnar neuropathy assessment only. Referrals for video EEG telemetry and intraoperative monitoring are only accepted from neurology and neurosurgery consultants.

If you are a private patient, your consultant will send us a referral for us to arrange an appropriate test.

When do I get an appointment?

We aim to see outpatients within 6 weeks. Video EEG telemetry waiting lists are managed in conjunction with our neurology colleagues and are based on clinical priority.

How do you contact me about appointments?

In most cases when the appointment is made a letter will be sent to you and you may receive a text message reminder. In addition to this our admin team may contact you to ensure you have the correct information before your appointment.

If you are a private patient our admin team will call you to arrange an appointment and go through the information required before your appointment. You may also receive an appointment through the post with a private patient form included.

What do I do if I cannot attend?

We understand that people cannot attend for a number of reasons. If you are unable to attend please give us a call as soon as possible, we always have people waiting for urgent / cancellation slots and this way the appointment will not go to waste. Where possible we will try to rearrange the appointment, if you call (01223 348290).

What happens to my results?

After your test is completed your report will be sent to the referring specialist as an electronic report or a paper report, if external to the hospital. The electronic report is available to them on your electronic medical records and paper report is sent in the post or by fax. After you have seen the specialist, they will write to your GP, if it was them that referred you. We are unable to give you a report directly but there is a formal process for requesting them if needed.

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