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Emmeline Centre for hearing implants

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Please visit our Emmeline Centre resources page to access further Emmeline Centre information.

Non-urgent advice: Important service update

In line with national guidance we have had to reassess how we routinely review our patients. As a continually growing service who see patients for their whole lifetime, we need to focus our services where it is most needed and make sure we have the capacity to see you if you need an appointment. We hope that this change will be of benefit to you by empowering you to request care when you need it and avoid unnecessary visits.

Please visit the implanted patients ongoing care page for information on service changes applicable to you, and details of what to do if you/your child have any concerns with your hearing.

The entrance to the Emmeline centre View from outside the Emmeline centre
The entrance to the Emmeline centre View from outside the Emmeline centre

About us

The Emmeline Centre (based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital) is a specialist Hearing Implant Centre in East Anglia, serving patients in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire.

Our services are delivered by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team, including professionals from Audiology, ENT, Speech and Language Therapy, Specialist Education, Psychology and Medical Physics.

We provide surgically implanted hearing technology to both adults and children. Hearing implants require a unique combination of hearing technology, surgical care and long-term support which is provided by our multi-disciplinary team.

Our facilities offer up-to-date medical and scientific techniques. Support and resources are delivered by highly experienced staff and we provide lifelong support for our patients.

Non-urgent advice: I need to cancel an appointment

If you are unable to attend an appointment for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible. Failure to attend appointments may delay your treatment, and could result in discharge.

We do not operate a drop-in service. If you wish to come in, please contact us first. We are not able to see you without an appointment.

Finding us

The Emmeline Centre offers appointments at two locations on the Addenbrooke’s Hospital site, please check each appointment location carefully on your appointment letter so you come to the right place.

Please see travel and parking for information on travelling to the hospital and parking.

Use the CUH Directions mobile app for help finding your way around the Addenbrooke’s Hospital site.

Emmeline Centre, Outpatients, Level one

You need to go through Clinic 14 (Ophthalmology) to get to the centre.

After entering through Clinic 14, the route is sign posted to the Emmeline Centre. The entrance is opposite the bus station near the Hills Road entrance to the hospital.

This map highlights the entrance to the Emmeline Centre - accessed via Clinic 14 (Eye Clinic) which is part of the Main Outpatients building on the CUH campus (bottom right on the map).

Emmeline Centre Annexe, Coton House, Flat 21

The house is sign posted from car park one. When you arrive you need to call the buzzer. The house is close to the Frank Lee and a disabled car park.

These maps highlight the location of Coton House and the directions from the Emmeline Centre Annexe, Coton House to the Clinic at Main Outpatients.

Coton House is located behind Addenbrooke's hospital, within the 'residences' area near the Cambridge Infusion Centre and the Oasis Centre.

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