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Implant equipment support

Lost or damaged processors

The NHS provides speech processors on a permanent loan basis; they are not the personal property of the patient. NHS equipment should always be returned when it is no longer needed. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, the Emmeline Centre now has a strict policy regarding broken or lost sound processors which may include a delay of upgrade date.

If you think you have lost your processor:

Search everywhere, ask everyone, retrace your steps and think of all the possibilities of where it can be. Please complete our lost processor form if you are unable to find it.

If you suspect that the sound processor or hearing aid was stolen, please report the loss to the police to obtain an incident number.

Charges for lost processors

At the Emmeline centre we reserve the right to make an administrative charge when a processor or hearing aid is lost, for all device users aged 19 and above. Exceptions will be at the discretion of senior management according to hospital policy.

Replacement processors

  • Replacement sound processors often have to be ordered
  • There may be a delay of 7 - 10 days before sound is restored
  • Devices may not match the colour or type of processor that was lost
  • Repeated losses may delay the original time period for upgrading your processor(s).

Safety advice

For information on activities you can and cannot do safely with a cochlear implant, including MRI scan advice, please visit the British Cochlear Implant Group website. (opens in a new tab)

Spares, repairs and maintenance

Spare equipment

You will be given a kit with any spare consumable equipment you may need; appropriate to the type of implant. If you need replacements please contact your managed services provider or the Emmeline Equipment Support Team via telephone on 01223 256019 or email Emmeline Equipment Support Team (as appropriate).

If parents and schools wish to keep extra spares in addition to the above, these can be obtained direct from the manufacturer at cost price.


Many processors are equipped with custom made rechargeable batteries. If your processor requires disposable batteries these will be provided by the Emmeline Equipment Support Team.

If you need disposable batteries, please complete this form.

Help with faulty processors

Just as for conventional hearing aids, sound processors can develop faults from time to time. If a sound processor develops a fault we firstly ask the patient / parent to identify the fault using the troubleshooting guidelines given at initial programming.

Your device information booklet will help you to resolve any equipment problems.

Implant companies troubleshooting information

If the problem persists, please contact your CI company managed service provider in the first instance via the details below.

If a sound processor has to be sent out by us, it is usually sent to the patient's home address. If delivery to a different address is preferred please state this clearly. Please note the Emmeline Centre or the Companies will not send equipment outside the UK. Please have address details handy when calling us.

A sound processor is an expensive item of equipment, therefore, it is important that broken or faulty speech processors are returned without delay.

How-to equipment videos: cochlear implant microphone cover change

Equipment agreement

Hearing devices provided under the NHS are supplied on a permanent loan basis; they are not the personal property of the patient. Equipment should be returned if it is no longer needed.

Hearing device care

You will be provided all necessary information to look after the hearing device. Please take responsibility for keeping all equipment issued to you safe and look after it well.

Please store the sound processor in the drying box every night. When the processor is not in use, please ensure you place the processor(s) in the box or protective case. Do not leave the processor(s) lying around.

If the processor does not feel secure on your ear, please discuss this with your clinician. There are retention devices we can try to make it fit more securely.

Broken / faulty hearing device

  • Cochlear Implants: Please contact the manufacturer’s equipment service (Cochlear Care, AB4U, MedelDirect), where they will help problem solve with you.
  • Softbands, BAHA, Bonebridge, Osia, Sentio and Vibrant Soundbridge implants: Please contact the Emmeline Centre equipment service who will review the problem with you.

If you need a replacement processor, your care provider will supply an envelope for you to return the faulty hearing device:

The Emmeline Centre NHS service does not support wireless or waterproofing accessories and does not undertake to replace or repair faulty accessories.

Equipment agreement form

Equipment requests and queries

Cochlear UK managed services (Cochlear Care)

If your equipment has been serviced by Cochlear UK Managed Services, please call the company on 0800 035 6318 or email Cochlear UK for any equipment replacement except for disposable batteries.

For new Cochlear patients only- Cochlear care registration (opens in a new tab)

Advanced Bionics managed services (AB4U)

If your equipment has been serviced by Advanced Bionics Managed Services, please call the company on 01223 847 888 or email AB4U for any equipment replacement except for disposable batteries.

MED-EL managed services (DirectCare)

If your equipment has been serviced by MED-EL Managed Services, please call the company on 0330 123 5601 or email MED-EL managed services (DirectCare) for any equipment replacement except for disposable batteries.

For all other queries, please contact the Emmeline Centre Equipment Team via telephone on 01223 256019 or email Emmeline Centre Equipment Team.

Holiday Loans

If you are planning on going abroad, and would like a spare speech processor to take with you many of the implant manufacturers provide a holiday loaner service that you can use, for a charge. To request a holiday loan, please contact the implant company directly.

Once the company has received this information they will then ask the Emmeline Centre to forward your / child's processor settings to them.

Please be aware that all companies need sufficient time to process your request.