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Metabolic bone service

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The metabolic bone service offers a comprehensive range of services for patients. One component is a general metabolic bone clinic staffed by consultants, registrars and clinical nurse specialists.

We provide diagnosis and management of metabolic bone disorders including; osteoporosis, parathyroid bone disease, Paget's disease, osteoporosis secondary to other health conditions such as chronic steroid use or cancer treatments, osteomalacia, conditions related to high or low bone density, fragility fractures, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, osteogenesis imperfecta. We provide these services in conjunction with other specialties and our rare bone disease clinic.

We offer a range of services including;

  • Clinician run service assessment and management
  • A screening / investigation nurse led clinic for osteoporosis
  • Bone Densitometry (DXA scanning) with appropriate reporting and management advice
  • A telephone help-line for both health professionals and patients.
  • Bone biopsies when appropriate
  • Parental treatment with intra-venous bisphosphonates in the infusion suite at Addenbrooke’s Hospital
  • A shared care pathway for the use of subcutaneous Denosumab, we provide clinics at Addenbrooke’s and in the community
  • Teriparatide therapy (PTH)

Information for patients

Who can I call if I have a question regarding my care / treatment?

Please call our advice line on 01223 254933 (option 2). Please leave a message with your name, a brief description about your call, your hospital number. You can also use the Mychart messaging service. Please let us know if you would like to sign up to this.

How will my appointment be delivered?

We offer face to face and telephone consultations. You will be sent an appointment date and time.

Who do I call regarding changing my appointment?

Please call either the advice line or the number provided on your appointment letter (outpatient’s services).

Will I need any tests?

This will be assessed at your appointment. The clinician who sees you in clinic will discuss with you any investigations which are necessary. Blood tests can either be done in outpatient blood service or your GP (except where fasting blood tests are required). X-rays and other scans can be done by appointment at a later date.

What about treatment?

You will be given information about your condition and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. We will monitor your treatment and offer you regular follow ups with our team. You may be offered medication that can be prescribed your GP, or medication that we prescribe and administer in the hospital. Sometimes you will be referred for other specialised services which appointments will be made for you.

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