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Paediatric neuroimmunology

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Urgent advice: Covid-19 - Paediatric neuroimmunology

The service has been writing to parents and carers of children on immunosuppressant disease modifying therapies to offer advice and guidance.

Patients with the following conditions should all receive letters:

  • Multiple sclerosis and are on three weekly subcutaneous Beta interferon (Rebif) injections
  • Multiple sclerosis and have received Alemtuzumab
  • Multiple sclerosis and are on Ocrelizumab.
  • Autoimmune encephalitis and have had Rituximab treatment
  • MOG positive transverse myelitis / optic neuritis (Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder NMSOD) and are on disease modifying treatment
  • Autoimmune encephalitis and are on disease modifying treatment

Our understanding of coronavirus is developing rapidly but there is concern that a variety of immunosuppressive therapies used in the treatment of a range of neurological disorders might increase the severity of coronavirus infections.

The ABN MS and Neuroimmunology Advisory Group has prepared advice on the use of MS treatments based on current knowledge. This guidance will be kept under review as our understanding of the virus develops. Further guidance on the use of other immunosuppressive therapies for a range of immunological conditions will be issued shortly. 

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