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Liaison psychiatry service

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Liaison Psychiatry is a sub-specialty that provides psychiatric treatment to patients attending general hospitals. Therefore it deals with the interface between physical and psychological health. We are a specialist team of mental health professionals-doctors (psychiatrists), nurses, social workers and administrative staff - who are based at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

People with physical disorders which have impacted on their mental well-being or are causing emotional distress. People with time limited mental disorders such as adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, depression or acute confusional states.

Timely brief interventions can improve health outcomes and reduce length of stay. People with physical disorders as a result of alcohol or substance misuse.

People with longer term conditions associated with risk including: Severe enduring mental disorders such schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Longer term disorders of lesser mental severity but associated with high general medical services utilisation as a result of abnormal illness behaviour such as medically unexplained symptoms.

Severe personality disorders where continued contact and support has been shown to be of benefit.

Mental disorders associated with significant risk of self-harm or harm to others or where level of support required exceeds that which can normally be provided by a primary care team.

Disorders requiring specialist or intensive treatments not ordinarily available in primary care e.g. Cognitive Behaviour.Therapy or Cognitive Analytical Therapy. Complex management problems requiring interventions under the Mental Health Act (2007) or Mental Capacity Act (2005)

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