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The department of neurology diagnoses, treats and cares for patients with a wide variety of neurological disorders (which affect the brain, spine, nerves and muscles).

We provide general and specialist inpatient and outpatient services and work closely with other nearby hospitals and community multidisciplinary teams across the East of England to deliver coordinated and integrated care tailored to the individual’s needs, with individual neurology consultants working at more than one site.

Additionally, we support the management of patients admitted to hospital with neurological disorders, including the ongoing care of patients requiring more specialist neurological input from other sites. This includes providing regional services in conjunction with the neurosciences and trauma critical care unit (NCCU) and neurosurgery.

Improving our understanding of neurological disorders and developing new treatments is achieved by strong reciprocal links with the department of clinical neurosciences at the University of Cambridge (opens in a new tab). Many members of the department have joint academic appointments and we aim to offer opportunities to as many people as possible to participate in academic and clinical research.

Members of the department of neurology deliver teaching at all levels of medical training, from clinical students attached to the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine (opens in a new tab) to more senior doctors training in neurology as part of the East of England Higher Specialty Training Programme in neurology and stroke medicine (opens in a new tab).

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