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Rows of chairs looking towards the altar in our chapel

Our chaplains work alongside patients, staff and relatives within the whole hospital community and for a variety of reasons.

Chaplains are actively working across all areas of the hospital and able to visit patients. We appreciate it is particularly difficult for those unable to visit their loved ones at this time. So please do contact Chaplaincy if someone you know who is an inpatient would value a visit.

Our chaplains are normally on duty Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. At all other times, there is a Chaplain on-call.

For patients and relatives

Would you like to talk?

It can be an anxious time when we are admitted to hospital. We’re away from the security and ‘normality’ of home; we may be feeling pretty unwell and awaiting procedures or the results of tests.

What we think about things: ourselves, our lives; what really matters and the deeper meaning of things may be thrown into confusion or doubt.

Or perhaps it is because someone close to us is unwell: and we find ourselves watching and waiting with them, not knowing what to think or feel…

We’re torn between home, work and hospital and the tension of having to hold everything together is difficult.

Whatever our / your circumstances and beliefs – whether you are a patient or relative – you might find it helpful to talk in confidence with someone about what is going on for you.

You do not have to be ‘religious’ to talk to a chaplain: we are committed to caring for individuals wherever they might be coming from – and to respecting people of every age, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation and culture.

What do we offer?

Whether you are a patient or a relative, we seek to support and care for you in whatever way(s) we can.

We will support you in seeking to practice your own beliefs while you are in hospital, whatever those are and however they are expressed.

We can offer:

  • A listening ear at a time of difficulty or crisis
  • Space to talk about life, purpose and the meaning of things
  • Support if you wish to practice your faith or spiritual tradition
  • Contact with representatives of world faith communities
  • Prayer support
  • Pastoral counselling
  • Help in bereavement
Who are we?

The Chaplaincy team is based in the hospital and represents, or is in contact with, all major faiths and church denominations. The team is comprised of ministers, priests and volunteers from a range of traditions and in a variety of capacities full and part time, male and female, working together across the whole hospital.

Our chapel

Our hospital chapel is in the main concourse area. It is a multi-faith space open for anyone to use day or night, and is used regularly by patients, relatives/carers and staff as a place of quiet, prayer and reflection.

Staff support

We offer a unique service of pastoral care and support to all members of staff (any discipline) and their families.

  • We are based on the hospital site, so can respond promptly to requests from  members of staff.
  • We are always pleased to help - whether this is through an informal/ impromptu conversation in your place of work or through making a separate appointment.
  • All contact and conversations with staff members are held and treated as strictly confidential.
  • Counselling and befriending

We are happy to provide short-term counselling, and/or to provide names and contacts for further support if necessary, but the majority of our support work with staff is to do with debriefing, befriending, listening and creating an environment where it is safe for staff members to talk in complete confidence.

  • we are committed to making time for staff
  • we will make ourselves available - even if it is at short notice
  • we, too, are health-care professionals and understand many of the pressures and demands you might be facing
  • we are interested in you as a person and are willing to share any concerns or dilemmas you might have
We will not:
  • have any agenda other than to help and support you
  • take the high moral ground
  • be judgmental in any way
  • 'impose' Christian or other religious beliefs on anyone
  • be concerned whether you attend church/have a ‘religion’ or not
Group facilitation

We are regularly involved (weekly/monthly etc) in facilitating patient and/or staff support schemes (such as debrief meetings) within different teams, departments and disciplines. We aim to respond to you 'where you are at', through listening to what holds meaning and value for you – however that is expressed.

Key Staff