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Since its inception in 2008 CBAL has worked closely with research groups across the CUH Campus including the Institute of Metabolic Sciences, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Cancer Research UK and the MRC Epidemiology Unit. CBAL has also helped with the development of assays for local commercial organisations such as ProteinLogic, Takeda and UroSens.


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CBAL offers a complete sample analysis solution. Our experienced staff can advise on the selection of appropriate tests, the correct sample type and collection conditions, appropriate analytical methods and interpretation of the analytical results. Quality Control reports are always available if required. CBAL operates a 3-tier pricing structure. Researchers affiliated to the NIHR Cambridge BRC will be offered the lowest rates, other academic researchers will be charged a slightly higher rate and commercial organisations will be charged more. In return for favourable sample analysis rates we ask that CBAL is acknowledged in every publication using our assay data. This is essential to ensure future funding for the laboratory. We do not issue a price list. The cost of analysis will be calculated for each study. The calculation will be based on the type of tests requested and the number of samples to be analysed. For Cambridge BRC-funded studies we will charge only the costs of the reagents and consumables. If large numbers of assays are requested and we are able to negotiate discounts with reagent suppliers, this saving will be passed on to the researcher. Typically the cost of ‘simple’ biochemistry tests (glucose, triglycerides, urea, cholesterol etc) are £1.10 per result. Immunoassays set up in-house cost between £5 and £10 per sample while samples analysed using commercial immunoassay kits will cost between £10-20 per sample and occasionally more than this.

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