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Our services A-Z

We offer a comprehensive range of pathology services, which are fully supported by a wide range of highly experienced and qualified technical, scientific and consultant-grade staff. The key service objective is to provide, interpret and report analytical results with appropriate attention to quality, speed and economy, and where necessary, provide advice on any further investigations that are indicated.

Pathology processes over 3.5 million samples every year including from patients within Addenbrooke’s Hospital and from GP surgeries and other hospitals across the East of England. Many of our departments are nationally and internationally recognised specialist centres and we receive referrals from across the world for a wide range of complex and rare disorders.

Contacting us

The service desk is based in Newmarket and provides a front line support service to all users of the service including GPs, community nurses and midwives, hospital and laboratory staff.

The team has access to multiple laboratory systems and is able to provide results, bottle information and add on tests. The team can also direct calls to the duty doctors or individual departments as needed.

The service desk can also provide information on turnaround times, tests available and ordering processes or you can contact us using the contact details listed for the individual departments.

Departments in pathology

If you intend referring work for the first time to any of our laboratories, or you intend a significant change in referral workload, please contact the relevant laboratory prior to referral, so that the laboratory can assure you that they have the capacity and resources to meet your request.

For research work contact:
For any queries relating to research and development please contact our laboratory research services team via email or call 01223 596423.