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Bereavement care follow-up service

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This service is designed to support the next of kin following the death of their loved one at CUH. The service seeks to help the next of kin understand some of the questions they may have about the care of their loved one while in hospital, and so help them in their grief. It is an opportunity for families with questions to have them answered as fully as possible by the clinical staff at the hospital. Counselling services are not provided but families can be signposted to further support if required.

A follow-up letter is sent within 5 weeks on behalf of the bereavement care follow-up MDT to the next of kin of every adult patient who has died at CUH over the preceding weeks. This letter invites the next of kin to a follow-up meeting, should they feel that they would like to have an opportunity to speak to a member of the team involved in their relative’s care. This team member is usually the Consultant who was in charge of their relative’s care or occasionally the Ward manager or Senior Nursing team, depending on the nature of the individual’s questions.

We work alongside the bereavement care service as well as the chaplaincy.

Our team

Chaplaincy team, lead nurse for end of life care and the medical examiner team.

Consultant and nursing colleagues who have cases within the BCFU MDT system are encouraged to join the team on an ad hoc basis.

If you would like to speak with one of the bereavement care follow-up team then please do contact us via the details on the right.