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Alcohol care team

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The alcohol care team is a 7 day a week service available for patients with alcohol related issues in hospital. We provide care for both inpatients and patients in the emergency department.

Screening and brief intervention in the emergency department

In the emergency department we screen patients for alcohol issues using the brief screening tool. Those at risk of alcohol harm will be given information about safe drinking levels.

We offer a weekday telephone brief intervention clinic for those who want further support.


If support is needed for outpatients, this can be accessed through community alcohol treatment services.

About us

Our team includes 3 specialist band 6 nurses, a band 7 nurse prescriber, consultant psychiatrist and a worker from the local alcohol service, Change Grow Live (opens in a new tab).

The alcohol care team is funded by NHS England and aims to improve the quality of alcohol treatment for patients in hospital. We provide both medical and psychological interventions for patients and offer advice about management to the medical teams.