Our services

The Neuropsychology department offers complex diagnostic assessment and treatment for outpatients and inpatients with cognitive, emotional and behavioural impairment as a result of neurological disorders

Neuropsychology is concerned with the relationship between the brain and our thinking skills (cognition) and behaviour. Changes in thinking, emotional wellbeing and behaviour can occur after brain injury or illness.

We provide assessment for patients who have concerns about their own abilities or those of their loved ones, and rehabilitation where appropriate.

We see patients from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, and we offer face-to-face, telemedicine and telephone consultations.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable secretary Fiona Aschmann, who is willing to answer any questions.

Please call 01223 217557.

Non-urgent advice: Referral information

Referrals are mostly made by the Neurology and Neurosurgery teams. If you have concerns about your or your loved ones' cognitive functioning, please ask your GP to refer you to the Neurology Department, who will refer on to us if appropriate.

Non-urgent advice: Key personnel

Fiona Aschmann
Medical Secretary

Emma Woodberry
Head of Department

Georgina Browne
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Becky Rous
Clinical Psychologist and Inpatient Clinical Lead

Alexa McDonald
Clinical Psychologist and Outpatient Clinical Lead

Claire Illingworth
Clinical Psychologist and COVID-19 lead

Huw Green
Clinical Psychologist, Inpatient team

Mithila Mahesh
Clinical Psychologist, Inpatient team

Priya Varma
Clinical Psychologist, Outpatient team

Heather Condon
Clinical Psychologist, Outpatient team

Matoula Grigoriadou
Assistant Psychologist

Ellis Blyth
Assistant Psychologist

Kayleigh Watts
Assistant Psychologist

Mariella Gregori
Assistant Psychologist