Managing discharge from hospital

Managing patient discharge

While you are in hospital:

Within 24 hours of being admitted to a ward, the clinical team caring for you will discuss your discharge and help you make plans for when you are ready to leave the hospital.  Once the decision has been taken that you are clinically fit and ready to leave you will not be able to remain. It is not good for patients to remain in hospital past this date and can make recovery slower.  The clinical team caring for you will review your care daily and ensure your care plan is updated. Where possible you, and your family/carers, will be involved in these reviews.

When you are ready to leave hospital:

Most people go home when they are ready to leave hospital and are discharged in the morning wherever possible. The team who have been caring for you will make sure any health or personal care that you need will be ready to start; if there is a delay in the start of this care, you may be be required to move to an interim placement as a short term measure. A social worker or member of the hospital team will talk to you about your care needs when you leave hospital and explain the assessment options available to you. They will assist you to make the right decisions about your care.

This leaflet has more information on the discharge process.  Please read this before you are due to be admitted to hospital.

Contact the discharge team on: 01223 586951

Alternatively call switchboard on: 01223 245151 and ask for the relevant ward.


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