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Roles and responsibilities of the governors

Governors are very important to ensure a link between the members of the NHS Foundation Trust, the wider community and those who run the hospital.

The key roles of the governors are as follows:

  • Advisory - advising the board of directors on decisions about the strategic direction of the organisation in ways consistent with the needs of the members and wider community
  • Strategic - informing the development of the future strategy for the organisation
  • Guardianship - ensuring that the NHS Foundation Trust operates in a way that fits with its statement of purpose and complies with its authorisation and for acting in a trustee role for the welfare of the organisation.

Governors play a very important role by ensuring there is a link between the members of the Trust, the wider community and those who run the hospital.

A key part of the governor’s role is to communicate with both the members who voted for them, whether staff, patients or members of the public in the surrounding area, and with the local community at large.

Governors also take an interest in specific areas of our performance, for example, monitoring our patients’ experience, quality and safety and financial performance.