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Wendy Menon
Public Governor

Wendy Menon was elected as a governor in July 2010, after finding herself with spare time and a keenness to use the experience she has gained from working with the NHS. She was a nurse and latterly an operational manager at Addenbrooke’s for sixteen years and has worked within the NHS from 1977 to 2009. She has held posts with various teaching hospitals within the UK. Wendy has been a member of the Cambridgeshire LINk for the last two years on both the Addenbrooke’s and the ambulance group.

Wendy feels that she has brought to the role an up-to-date knowledge of working within the Trust as an operational manager. Out of hours she was often the first manager on site to take decisions regarding the smooth running of the hospital, and therefore has very useful experience.

The benefits that Wendy has gained personally from being a governor include her enjoyment of being involved with the strategic planning of the Trust and seeing how the ever increasing governmental demands are met. She has also enjoyed the working governor/director groups, and has a special interest in patient care which she says will always be a priority for her.

A change that Wendy would like to see introduced to improve services for patients is the privacy and dignity with which patients are cared for on the wards

To encourage other people to consider standing for election as a governor, Wendy says: “I would encourage anyone who has the interest to come and be a governor. It is enjoyable working alongside the staff within the Trust, and I feel it is important to bring the public’s questions and feedback what is happening with our first class hospital.”