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Dr Fred Jacobsberg
Patient Governor

Fred Jacobsberg is a patient governor having been re-elected in July 2017. Fred has stood for election twice previously, originally being elected in May 2011 with re-election in 2014 bringing him to his current term. He heard about the opportunity to become a governor at one of the ‘Medicine for Members’ lectures, and after finding out more, decided to put himself up for election.

He is a retired scientist who held a number of research and technical management positions in a large food company. Latterly he was a self-employed consultant advising on environmental issues, quality standards, food legislation and market development.

Fred comes from a relatively poor background and knows how important it is to have free health care available. In times of potentially massive changes in the delivery of health care, he is glad to be involved and welcomes the opportunity to influence the process.

His interest in the health service has been further stimulated by his daughter’s career in NHS management, followed by retraining as a doctor, specialising in endocrinology.

Fred is hoping that his analytical, numerical and management skills will enable him to make a significant contribution as a governor.

Since becoming a governor Fred has realise how complicated it is to run a major organisation such as Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. There have probably never been easy times in the evolution of the Trust. Right now the Trust has fallen under the scrutiny of the Care Quality Commission and must make significant changes to its process management. Also there are major financial problems that must be addressed. At the same time he is aware of the passionate view from the governors and staff that patient care and treatment should be damaged as little as possible. In spite of all of this Fred is impressed with the quality of care delivered by the Trust.

Fred is impressed by the frankness of Trust directors and staff in meetings and the opportunity for governors to express their views with equal frankness.

Fred continues his desire to make a useful contribution to the success of the Trust.