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Election for governors

Candidate governors are elected to our Council of Governors each year by Foundation Trust members. Governors are the interface between the Trust membership – patients, public and staff – and the Board of Directors who have operational responsibility for running our hospitals.

Non-urgent advice: 2021 Governor Elections - nomination are open

This spring there will be 15 Governor vacancies arising: six public, six patient and three staff. There will be plenty of support to guide you through the election process with the help of Civica Election Services (CES), our independent electoral scrutineers.

For nomination forms, timetables and more information about the 2021 elections, visit the official CUH Council of Governors Election website.

Would you like to stand as a CUH Governor in the 2021 elections?

You will need to complete a nomination form, which includes an election statement of no more than 250 words, and you must be a staff, public or patient member. Completed nomination forms must be received by CES before noon on Thursday 15 April.

The election website for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Council of Governors elections.

There are 19 elected governors on the Council of Governors. The remaining governors are appointed by other organisations such as Cambridge City Council and the University of Cambridge.

Of the elected governors:

  • Eight are from the patient membership
  • Seven are from the public membership
  • Four are from the staff membership

In 2021, there will be 15 vacancies on the Council of Governors:

  • Six vacancies for patient governors (three with three-year terms of office and three with two-year terms of office)
  • Six vacancies for public governors (three with three-year terms of office and three with two-year terms of office)
  • Three vacancies for staff governors (two with three-year terms of office and one with a two-year term of office)

Governors are normally elected for a term of three years. However, some governors may serve a shorter term, for example if they are replacing a governor who has stood down early. The elections are usually staggered so each year approximately one third of the governors in each constituency are up for elections; however, there are more positions up for election in 2021 as the 2020 elections were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

If the number of candidates in a particular membership constituency is equal to or less than the number of vacancies, the candidates are elected unopposed. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies, an election is held.

If an election is held, ballot papers are sent (hard copy or electronically) to all members in the particular constituency. Each member will receive one vote per vacancy in their constituency. At the conclusion of the ballot, the highest scoring candidate/s will be elected to the Council of Governors.

If you would like to vote in the 2021 Council of Governor elections you need to become a member.  Public and patient members can join today by completing the online application form. It's free and your chance to have a say in who will represent your views on the Council.

How do I become a Foundation Trust member?

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Membership application form

Can I become a Foundation Trust member and vote in the elections if I work at CUH?

All CUH staff are automatically members of our Foundation Trust and are part of the staff constituency. You are entitled to vote in the upcoming Council of Governors elections – and stand for election to represent the views of staff.

Can I become a member of the Trust and vote if I provide a service or have an honorary contract?

If you are individually providing services to the Trust such as honorary contract holders, you may be eligible to apply to be a staff Foundation Trust member. If you wish to apply for staff membership please email: 

What if I am a volunteer or have contract employment at CUH? Can I become a member and vote in the upcoming elections?

If you have a contract of employment with the Trust or are a volunteer with the Trust you are automatically a (staff) member of the Trust, unless it is a fixed term contract of less than 12 months in length.