Caesarean section

Urgent (emergency) caesareans are necessary when complications develop and delivery needs to be quick. This may be before or during labour.

If your midwife and doctor are concerned about the safety of you or your baby, they will suggest that you have a caesarean straight away. 

Reasons for needing an emergency caesarean include:

  • Your unborn baby is not getting enough oxygen and a vaginal delivery will take too long and put your baby at risk.
  • Your labour is not progressing, despite your efforts, and fails to move the baby sufficiently and quickly down the birth canal, causing distress to you and your baby.
  • Your labour has been induced for a medical reason but the methods used are failing to produce contractions effective enough to lead to a vaginal delivery.
  • You have vaginal bleeding during your labour.

In some emergency situations, a baby may need to be delivered very quickly, even within half an hour. In such emergencies, a caesarean section can be the safest way to protect both you and your baby.


Information syndicated from NHS Choices