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Patient Portal - MyChart

MyChart is the electronic patient portal of Cambridge University Hospitals, allowing our patients secure access to parts of their hospital health record held within Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie hospitals’ Epic electronic patient record system (the system we use to document and access all patient information, treatment and care).

Why use MyChart?

Whether you are a patient of the Rosie Hospital, or Addenbrooke’s Hospital, or both, your hospital information will be available to you electronically in MyChart including:

  • Upcoming appointments / past appointment details
  • Current conditions / pregnancies
  • Clinical correspondence / letters
  • Vital signs (weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rate)
  • Test results
  • Medications
  • Known allergies
  • Demographic information (name, date of birth, address, GP details)
  • Medical and family history

Together with functionality that allows you to:

  • Check in for appointments
  • Message your care team / a midwife
  • Download your recent visit records
  • Securely share your MyChart information electronically with clinicians outside of Addenbrooke’s and/or The Rosie i.e. your GP, community care staff / community midwife, clinicians at other hospital or healthcare settings looking after you (via ‘Share Everywhere’ within MyChart).

My Pregnancy Care Journey

My Pregnancy Journey is now available on your MyChart account on desktop or app. Easy to use, your complete pregnancy tracker with all clinical letters, results, appointments and information in one place.

  • Complete education tasks
  • Receive information tailored to you at every stage in your pregnancy journey
  • Set reminders

MyChart is designed to improve communication between you and your clinical / midwifery teams and enable you to be more involved and informed about your care by having access to your information.

Interested in using MyChart?

To sign-up to MyChart you can either:


  • Speak to a clinic receptionist, your midwife or clinical team about MyChart sign up during your next appointment.

Once you have signed up you will be able to access your hospital information in MyChart from your smartphone or tablet device via the MyChart app (Apple or Android) or from a web browser on computers or laptops.

MyChart is compatible with screen readers.

Accessing MyChart


Log in on the MyChart website (opens in a new tab).


Download the MyChart app on smartphone or tablet devices (Apple or Android) then choose ‘Cambridge University Hospitals’ when prompted to select a hospital within the app – then log in.

Hands holding a mobile phone displaying the MyChart app. Pink round icons are shown labelled 'visits', 'menu', 'medication', 'messages', 'test results' and a profile icon labelled 'Katie' at the top.
MyChart app screen

Questions about MyChart

If you have any questions about using MyChart, please complete the ‘Contact us’ form (opens in a new tab) available on the MyChart website and app.