Evelyn perinatal imaging centre

The Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre opened in April 2013, providing facilities for leading-edge research into functional imaging of the newborn brain using novel non-invasive techniques.

Located on the ground floor of the new Rosie maternity hospital in Cambridge, the close proximity to the neonatal intensive care unit, postnatal wards and birthing suite, enables easy access to both healthy and sick newborn infants in the earliest stages of life.

Funded by Cambridge charity the Evelyn Trust, this unique clinical research facility is dedicated to studying brain function and development in newborn babies and aims to inform clinical practice. Optical-EEG cap on a newborn baby being scanned in the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre

The centre consists of a dedicated infant-scanning room, physics laboratory and research office and will house a world-first 3D optical imaging system developed by collaborators at University College London, as well as state-of-the art EEG monitoring systems.

There is also space in the centre for an MRI scanner for mothers and babies; when combined, these systems will provide a unique multimodal imaging facility to study brain development in the newborn and in order to identify those at risk of long-term brain injury and better understand how babies respond to different treatments.

Led by Dr Topun Austin, consultant neonatologist at the Rosie Hospital, the centre currently employs two clinical fellows, two research nurses, a research physicist, bioengineer and a computer scientist - bringing together a team of scientists, doctors and nurses to develop new technologies to study the newborn brain.

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