Clinic 23 – Maternity assessment

The maternity assessment unit cares for women after they have had their 12-13 week dating scan, and up to 6 weeks postnatal.
Opening times: 

08:00 - 00:00 daily

01223 217 217
Finding us: 

Clinic 23 is situated within the delivery unit. Head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion cafe. Take lift B (on the left) or the stairs up to level 3 and follow the signs to delivery unit. Alternatively through the ATC entrance; turn left, and then right up the ramp to the Rosie and take lift B (on the right) or stairs to level 3.

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A triage/maternity assessment midwife will accept all pregnancy-related calls from pregnant women, GP’s, community midwives and other departments in the hospital.

They will take a detailed history to fully assess the needs of the individual and direct the caller to the most appropriate area, such as the community midwife, GP, clinic 23, Rosie birth centre, delivery unit, or to stay at home.

Reasons for referral to maternity assessment

  • reduced fetal movements
  • raised blood pressure or proteinuria
  • abdominal pain or bleeding in pregnancy
  • labour
  • spontaneous ruptured of membranes
  • other concerns about pregnancy
  • postnatal sepsis
  • booked for a home delivery

What to bring with you

  • always bring your maternity notes.
  • bring something to do or read, in case you need to wait for results or to see a doctor
  • if it is necessary to bring a child with you, try to bring another adult to look after them while you are seen

Who will you meet and what should you expect

You will always be seen by an experienced midwife who will:

  • take your medical/pregnancy history
  • perform an antenatal check
  • monitor your baby’s heart beat when needed
  • take a blood sample if needed

Other Information

The midwife will advise you if it is necessary to wait for the blood results. If so, the results take approximately two hours to be analysed.

If necessary, you will be seen by an obstetrician.

The length of your stay will vary depending on the assessment required. You should allow one to four hours.

Appointment times are not given; women are seen on a priority basis, therefore some waiting time is likely.

Please note if you are low risk and planning to give birth in Rosie birth centre and you think you are in labour or you waters have broken please contact them directly on 01223 217003.


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