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Going home

Neonatal services

Neonatal Outreach Team

The Neonatal Outreach Nurses are based on NICU and will be involved in discharge planning to ensure your baby is able to go home as soon as possible. They offer support at home to a range of premature and new born infants, up to 4 weeks post term gestation who have been discharged from NICU and Transitional care. For longer term support your baby's’ care may be transferred to the Children’s Community Nursing Team.

The Neonatal Outreach Team cover a large area, so families are asked to be understanding about punctuality for home visits as journey times and length of visits cannot always be expected. In Cambridge the outreach team works 7 days a week and work between 8 to 4pm. However the Community team for this area may run slightly different than the community team that covers your area. Please speak with the nursing staff regarding your local community team and their service hours.

Please remember to register your baby with the GP before going home.

Follow-up Clinics

Depending on your baby’s clinical needs, you may be offered ongoing follow up in one or more of the consultants Clinics. Follow-up plans will be made and communicated to you before your baby is discharged.

At home

Once discharged the following health professionals will continue to advise you on feeding, growth, vaccinations and development as well as general care.

  • General practitioner (GP) : A GP is your family doctor. They are the first person to see if you have any concerns about your baby’s health. Your GP can also make referrals to other health professionals
  • Health Visitor: Your health visitor will carry out health checks for growth and development. They can provide information about your baby’s health, home safety and parenting.
  • Practice Nurse: You may see the a nurse at your GPs surgery or health centre. Practice nurses are often responsible for your baby’s vaccinations.