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Rosie Hospital- Emotionally Healthy Birth Clinic

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The Emotionally Healthy Birth Clinic is led by our Specialist Midwife Daniella Gillings.

Daniella is one of our Birth Afterthoughts Midwives and is trained in Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy (BTR). Daniella is able to support women with Tokophobia and Birth Trauma/PTSD after birth.

BTR consists of therapeutic tools and techniques designed to help support women to reduce their anxieties around labour and birth and also treat symptoms of birth trauma and PTSD.

Clinic details

The clinic is held once a week on a Tuesday (7.45am - 5.45pm) and the clinic email address is only checked weekly so for any advice please call either your community midwife team or please call 01223 217217 for urgent clinic advice.

Contact details

Daniella Gillings
Our emotionally healthy birth clinic is led by Daniella Gillings, Maternal Emotional Wellbeing Midwife.

You can either speak to your community midwife for a referral or you can also contact Daniella via this email address -