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Delivery Unit

Rosie wards

The delivery unit aims to provide high quality care to women and birthing people and their babies during childbirth and the immediate postnatal period.

Non-urgent advice: Visiting information

Visiting times for inpatient stays and restrictions on who may accompany you for outpatient appointments may be affected by current Covid-19 visiting restrictions, please visit (place link here) to view the current phase of restrictions in place.

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How to find us

Head straight through the Rosie reception area, past the Pavilion café. Take lift B (on the left) or the stairs up to level 3 and follow the signs to delivery unit. Alternatively through the ATC entrance; turn left, and then right up the ramp to the Rosie and take lift B (on the right) or stairs to level 3.

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About us

We offer both midwifery and consultant-led care. The lead carer will be decided in the antenatal period according to a risk assessment and the woman’s choice. High risk antenatal and postnatal women may also be seen within the delivery unit setting, depending on their circumstances. Care on delivery unit is provided by a multidisciplinary team of midwives, doctors, nurses and ward staff who work together to provide you with high quality safe care’

The delivery unit is a 15 roomed ward consisting of a birthing pool room, eight birthing rooms and four clinical birthing rooms. The Clinical rooms are available for women who have known risk factors that might complicate labour and birth. There are en suite facilities within some of the birthing rooms with ongoing plans to allow all rooms to have this facility. We have a range of equipment available for use during labour that supports mobility such as birthing balls, peanut balls, mats, birthing stools, and telemetry (wireless) foetal monitoring technology.

A bereavement suite of two rooms, both with en suite facilities, are also available for medical terminations of pregnancy for foetal abnormalities, and for those women who are expecting stillborn babies.

Whilst supporting hypnobirthing and the pain relief options available on the birth centre we also provide a 24 hour service that can provide patient controlled epidural analgesia. This is a type of lower dose epidural that you administer doses to yourself when you need it in labour.

A comprehensive anaesthetic service with consultant supervision provides anaesthesia for elective and emergency procedures alongside a 24-hour epidural service which is provided for analgesia in labour when requested.


  • A comprehensive anaesthetic service with consultant supervision provides anaesthesia for elective and emergency procedures
  • A 24-hour epidural service is also provided for analgesia in labour when requested.