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Antenatal anaesthetic assessment - Clinic 21

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The Antenatal Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic has been running at the Rosie Hospital since 1998. It is held every Tuesday afternoon and alternate Wednesday afternoons.

The clinic provides an opportunity for women with medical disorders and/ or anticipated anaesthesia related problems in pregnancy to meet with an obstetric anaesthetist (a doctor with specialist knowledge of pain relief and anaesthetics for childbirth and specialist knowledge of the management of pregnant women with medical conditions). Referrals to the clinic are normally made by either an obstetric doctor or midwife.

Patient information

Common reasons for referral to the clinic include obesity (raised body mass index), back (musculoskeletal) problems, heart (cardiac) problems, lung (respiratory) problems, blood (haematological) problems, nervous system (neurological) problems, kidney (renal) problems and liver (hepatology) problems. Women who have previously experienced issues with pain relief or anaesthetics may also be referred to the clinic.

At the clinic the obstetric anaesthetist will discuss options for pain relief and anaesthetics with you and help you to plan for a safe labour and birth.

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