Caring for our campus commuters: Access to Addenbrooke’s Plus

The ‘Access to Addenbrookes’ travel plan has always been a local Cambridge University Hospitals plan, aiming to influence the behaviour of our staff, our patients and our stakeholders. Our new plan, adopted in January 2014, entitled ‘Caring for our Campus Commuters: Access to Addenbrookes Plus’ broadens to encompass our Campus Partners under the following themes:

Co-operation, co-ordination and collaboration with our Campus Partners (Travel Plan Plus style)

The Trust’s physical location and the close collaboration between the various organisations on the Campus in the past ensured an integrated approach to travel planning. The achievement of the Access to Addenbrooke’s travel plan is therefore attributed to our partnership working and the drive from all partner organisations. It is with this spirit that the current phase of the travel plan is entered into, expanding to include new partners as the Campus develops.

Taking account of the future

As the wider Campus vision is now accelerating into the build-out phase there is even more of a need and opportunity to upgrade, integrate and renew the quality of the sustainable travel support infrastructure (built: such as road surfaces, cycle parking and bus shelters; vehicle hire: electric bicycles and low emission cars; ancillary kit: such as signage, lockers, showers and clothes drying space; process: such as discount purchase and ticketing).

If the Campus is to continue to be recognised as an international centre of innovation and excellence we will need to upgrade and continue to integrate sustainable travel infrastructure to support it. Currently the infrastructure exists but there are many snags and somewhat tired facilities that do not appropriately reward or support the sustainably travelling employee, visitor or patient to the level that would be expected from such a prestigious site.

Making sure that our sustainable travellers feel really well looked after and cared for

Through our revision of the Travel Plan we aim to ensure that anyone adopting or trying sustainable travel options feels cared for respected and appreciated for their choice. This will, by default, support the broader long-term sustainability goals of improving health and wellbeing, cutting travel costs, reducing air pollution, helping mitigate climate change, minimising campus congestion and increasing on-site safety.