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Corporate communications

Our corporate communications team is responsible for media and stakeholder relations, internal communications and digital communications at our hospitals.

Meet the team

Director of communications: Sarah Booth
Communications assistant: Ruth Rijk and Hannah Edgeley
Communications business manager: Vacant

External affairs

Head of news: Charlotte Grant

Head of external affairs and major project communications: Hannah Paten

Head of patient and public engagement: Angie Ridley

External communications manager: David Cook

Communications and external relations manager: Sophie Sengupta

Head of communications - Cambridge Children's Hospital: Rosie Dean

Head of communications - Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital: Sophie Taylor

Communications and engagement manager - Major projects: Jessica Foster

Communications and engagement manager - Major projects: Vacant

Membership manager: Namoo Boodoo

Communications and engagement manager - Genomics and research: Lorna Hamblin

Science communications manager: Vacant

Tel: 01223 274433
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If you have a media enquiry, more information is available.

Internal communications

Head of internal communications: Toni Brand

Internal communications managers: Kelly Ging and Sharon Opadere

Internal content producer: Joe Woodley

Internal communications officer: Judith Smith

Digital communications

Head of digital communications: Sarah Roberts

Digital editor: Michael Frost

Digital engagement specialist: Katie Connan

Digital content producer: Abbie Jarvis

Digital officers: Josh Tierney and Nadine Kersey

Digital apprentice: Vacant

Communications manager - Love Research: Elizabeth Barnard

Speak with the team

PR and Communications
Box: 146
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hills Road, Cambridge

Tel: 01223 256768
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Press enquiries: 01223 274433
Email the press team