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AVM Services

AVM Services are decontamination specialists providing training, consultancy and validation services throughout the UK healthcare sector.

Decontamination Services

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AVM Services operate commercially within the Estates and Facilities department of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.


Specialist decontamination training courses available by our expert authorising engineers (decontamination) together with our specialist personnel (decontamination), our accredited trainers and A1/A2 assessors.


Our expert authorising engineers (decontamination) provide consultation services including professional advice, guidance and expertise on your decontamination standards and requirements.


We provide compliance and validation services carried out on decontamination medical equipment, conducted strictly in accordance with current standards of UK regulatory authorities and carried out by our team of nationally accredited Competent Persons (Decontamination).


We carry out professional authorising services provided by qualified authorising engineers who will audit your equipment and produce a quarterly and/or annual report.