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The first-of-its-kind transformation in an NHS Trust, eHospital has revolutionised the way our clinical teams now care for their patients. Having access to comprehensive electronic health records, at the touch of a button, enables our staff to view and record all clinical information in one place, in real-time, wherever and whenever they need it.

eHospital is our award winning digital transformation that is enabling our staff at Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie hospitals to use the latest technology to deliver consistently high quality care to our patients.

Like many other NHS trusts, we previously relied on paper patient records and multiple aged IT systems with limited integration and capability.

With a clinical desire for data-driven care and improvements to safety using advanced digital technology, all clinical areas across both of our hospitals have been completely transformed with the introduction of eHospital in 2014.


MyChart is the electronic patient portal at Addenbrooke’s and The Rosie hospitals which allows patients to securely access parts of their health record held within our hospitals’ Epic electronic patient record system.

You can download the MyChart app on smartphone or tablet devices (Apple or Android) then choose ‘Cambridge University Hospitals’ when prompted to select a hospital within the app.

Login to MyChart here. (opens in a new tab)

Benefits to patients

  • One patient, one record, one system, one place
  • Real-time information recorded at the patient’s bedside
  • Patients don’t stay in hospital for longer than they need to
  • No more waiting for paper records to arrive
  • Virtual fracture clinic saves patients time and expenses
  • Barcoded wristbands and medications improving safety

A digital revolution

Combining a ‘built by hospital staff for hospital staff’ fully integrated Electronic Patient Record (EPR) with a complete refresh of the computing estate, and the introduction of integrated mobile devices, we have successfully moved away from paper-based and manual clinical processes to fully digital ways of recording and accessing information to provide high quality patient care.

Cambridge University Hospitals’ current digital maturity is the highest of any of the trusts visited.

National Advisory Group report on Health Information Technology in England, chaired by Professor Robert Wachter (September 2016)

HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 accreditation

EMRAM Stage 7 EMRAM HIMSS solution logo

On 16 October 2020, following a thorough two-day virtual inspection, Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) became the first Trust in the UK to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 – the highest rating of the eight-stage (0-7) international quality standard that recognises the use of technology, data and analytics to support the delivery of high quality patient care across an organisation.

Validating against Stage 7 of the HIMSS Analytics international Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), which is specific to inpatient care, puts CUH among the company of only six other healthcare institutions in Europe that have managed to achieve this international quality standard.

Find out more about what this means for patient care.


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