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Petrea Fagan - Clinical Development Lead
Clinical Development Lead

Petrea is the Centre’s Lead for Clinical Development. She is passionate about person centred self management support, co-production and health behaviour change. In addition to training clinicians and workforces she holds a number of advisory and strategic roles, is Clinical Communication Skills Specialist at Cambridge University Medical School and a Health Foundation Self-Management Support Fellow. She is a highly expert tutor and facilitator and is successfully supporting and delivering workforce development locally and across several health economies and national profile organisations in England and Wales.

In all roles Petrea demonstrates a keen understanding of the impact of robust evaluation and always seeks to develop & monitor innovative service improvements with a strong commitment to clinical effectiveness, quality of care and resource efficiencies.

Petrea has achieved significant success consistently delivering shifts in culture and attitudes of workforces in favour of SMS, together with increased importance and confidence in skills for workforces to deliver SMS.

Her ambition is to improve the lives of people living with long term health challenges and the families and workforces who support them, by contributing to the delivery of excellent person centred services and facilitating the integration of excellence in this area within day to day practice.