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Frances Early
Research and Evaluation Lead

Frances is the Centre’s Research and Evaluation Lead.  She is responsible for the design and implementation of scientific and rigorous evaluations across our workstreams and for establishing research collaborations with health care organisations and academic institutions.  Evaluation of complex interventions is challenging. a Frances employs a range of evaluation methods to understand the impact of our innovations, ranging from randomised controlled trials to quantify outcomes through to qualitative methods to explore patient experience and develop new understanding of what matters to patients and why.  Frances also plays a vital role in preparing grant applications to secure future funding for research and implementation activities.  She leads on preparing manuscripts to ensure that learning from our work is spread through publication in peer reviewed journals.

Manuscripts submitted for peer review

I Farver-Vestergaard I, Early F, Fuld J, Pedersen CG. “Exploring the interactional sphere of a systemic self-management intervention for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)”.  A case study of patient-clinician interactions underpinning SMS submitted to the International Journal of Patient Centred Medicine.

Manuscripts in preparation

Early F, Young J, Tojo, Wisbauer S, Homan K, Fuld J. “Investigating the feasibility of nurse coaching integrated with an online health resource to support self management in COPD”.  A manuscript is being prepared for submission to the Primary Care Respiratory Journal. 

Manuscripts for preparation in spring/summer 2014

Cafarella P, Early F, Effing T.  “Application of the Taxonomy of Behaviour Change Techniques Taxonomy in a COPD self-management programme” 

Early F, Cafarella P, Watts T, Fuld J, Effing T.  “Application of the Taxonomy of Behaviour Change Techniques in an enhanced pulmonary rehabilitation programme”