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Meet the Consultant Radiologist team

Your radiologist is a doctor who is specially trained to interpret diagnostic images such as X-rays, MRI and CT scans, to help guide the management of disease. Get to know some of our consultant radiologists below.

Dr Helen Addley - Consultant radiologist and clinical director for imaging

Helen Addley

Professor Luigi Aloj - Clinical lead, nuclear medicine

Luigi Aloj

Professor Fiona Gilbert - Professor of radiology

Fiona Gilbert

Dr Edmund Godfrey - Consultant radiologist and endoscopist

Edmund Godfrey

Dr Andrew Grainger - Consultant musculoskeletal radiology

Andrew Grainger

Dr Penny Moyle - Consultant radiologist, Cambridge Breast Unit

Penny Moyle

Dr Daniel Scoffings - Consultant neuroradiologist

Daniel Scoffings

Dr Teik Choon See - Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Dr Teik Choon See

Dr Ashley Shaw - Medical director

Ashley Shaw

Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby - Consultant radiologist and clinical sub dean

Ruchi Sinnatamby

Dr Matthew Wallis - Consultant radiologist, Cambridge Breast Unit

Matthew Wallis