A number of courses created for Trust staff, but available to other interested people are run by members of the Addenbrooke's Hospital bereavement care group.

Certificates of attendance are available for all candidates.

Full course notes are available.

For dates or to enroll on this course please contact:


Box 105
Tel: 01223 217769 (Internal Ext 217769)

Other courses

Members of the team also provide specific input in to other courses and study events. Some of these inputs are tailor made by arrangement, for specific groups on request, both internally and externally from the hospital.

  • teaching spiritual care
  • ethical awareness
  • spiritual pain and distress
  • spiritual pain in children

External bodies

The chaplaincy department collaborates with a number of bodies in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Theological Federation (CTF) is a major provider of Theological education for a broad range of students from a diversity of traditions. The experience of chaplaincy in a health care context combined with some in depth pastoral reflective practice is seen as a valuable part of many people’s training and formation for ministry.

There are a number of courses provided with CTF ranging from a basic context placement to the MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy.

The department is forging new links so that students from elsewhere in the country and overseas can come and gain some experience of placement in this particular setting.

We are also connected with the major denomination of the christian churches through out the United Kingdom.