The chapel

Most people are surprised to learn that it is only in comparatively recent years that this hospital has had a chapel and chaplaincy team.

Quiet space

The chapel is a multi-faith space, open for anyone to use day and night. Many find it a tranquil and peaceful environment where they can pray or reflect. It is often seen as an oasis amongst the busyness of the hospital.

Stained glass windows

They portray the traditional symbols of the Holy Spirit as tongues of fire to empower and equip us in our daily living. The dove of peace is in the right hand frame and the star of hope in the left.

Wall hangings

These portray the Spirit of God active in creation at the beginning of the world, symbolised by the dove hovering over the waters with the power to bring order out of chaos.

Altar frontal

Hospital is often a place of pain, darkness and difficulty, and the jarring spikes on the altar frontal seek to strike a note of relevance in this setting. Amidst the darkness and despair, the light of hope and faith can break through to give strength and courage to go forward. The lectern fall and empty cross between the stained glass windows are distinctively Christian symbols.

Prayer tree

Please feel welcome to pin a prayer note to the tree. The prayers are collected on Sunday and offered silently to God in the chapel service.

Muslim facilities

The Qibla sign in the carpet is the symbol which points 119.90°N in the direction Muslims face to pray. The chapel space is reserved on Friday lunchtimes for a Muslim service. Addenbrooke’s actively works towards fulfilling a multi-faith commitment for all patients, visitors and staff. The toilet next to the chapel serves as a disabled toilet. It has also been equipped with washing facilities for the faiths which require this.

Memorial books

There are three books in the chapel; one remembers babies who have died in the Rosie Maternity Hospital, one is for children who have died in the Paediatric Unit, the other is for members of staff who have died.

Disabled Go accessibility information

Disabled Go accessibility information

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