Outpatients and day cases

Most chemotherapy patients don’t need to be admitted to hospital for their treatment, so the chances are very high that we’ll see you as an outpatient or day case.
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Linda Bavister

Renal and testicular cancer nurse specialist
Linda Bavister

"Everyone here loves what they do and if a patient can leave here with a smile because of what we’ve done for them, then that makes us very happy."

You’ll only be admitted if your particular cancer means that you need a treatment that takes a long time to deliver, or if you become too ill to remain at home.


As an outpatient, you’ll be seen by your consultant and their team in a clinic in our outpatient suite. They’ll discuss your treatment with you and give a prescription to take away.  You'll then take this medication as directed by the team caring for you.

There are usually between six and seven clinics held each day, adding up to a total of 28 sessions per week seeing over 500 patients.

Day case treatments

Your chemotherapy treatment as a day case, will take place in one of two environments:

  • The oncology day unit at the hospital
  • One of our outreach surgeries, based in GP practices

The oncology day unit

In the oncology day unit we administer treatments to patients with all types of cancers. On a daily basis between fifty and seventy patients are treated with many different types of treatments.

We have a very experienced team of nurses and healthcare assistants, overseen by a senior sister. We know that this is a very difficult time for you and always have your best interests at heart. We aim is to administer your treatment safely, expertly and with the minimum of discomfort possible. We are here to help and support you throughout your treatment journey and you’re always welcome to ask us about anything you need to know or that may be bothering you.

On arrival a nurse will explain everything to you and guide you through what is going to happen to you for your treatment day. The nurse will be able to answer any questions you may have to help put your mind and ease and allow you to be comfortable throughout your treatment.

Outreach treatment

In March 2012, we launched the first phase of a new service that enables people to receive cancer treatments closer to home, in a less stressful environment than the hospital. Under this service, our chemotherapy trained nurses travel to GP surgeries to administer chemotherapy and other supportive treatments.

We currently offer this service at East Barnwell Health Centre in Cambridge, running clinics on Tuesdays and Fridays respectively.

The launch of this service took place after clinical trials showed that patients preferred to be treated closer to where they live. We are hoping to add further GP surgeries to the service, as we believe that it genuinely improves the quality of life for our patients who have this opportunity.

If you would like further information please speak to your nurse. 




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