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These are some of the people you are likely to meet when you come to us for radiotherapy.

Therapy radiographers

Therapy radiographers operate the machines that give you your radiotherapy treatment, but there’s more to the role than that. Our radiographers:

  • Operate the simulator and CT scanner, working closely with your consultant and a physicist (link to below) to plan your treatment
  • Deliver your radiotherapy treatment - we have radiographers who work at an advanced level of practice in specific cancer sites. These radiographers support you throughout your treatment and provide follow up services.
  • Are trained to give you information, support and counselling to help you cope

It’s important to us that you feel you can discuss your concerns and anxieties with the team, as well as ask questions about what is happening to you

Medical physicists

Your consultant will work with a physicist - a radiation expert - who will help to plan your treatment. The physicist will

  • help decide the best way of giving the prescribed amount of radiation
  • maintain the accuracy of the equipment used to deliver your treatment

You may not meet the physicist as they usually work behind the scenes.

Mould room team

You may need to have part of your body kept very still during radiotherapy. This will be done by a special mould. The technicians in the mould room are responsible for building these, as well as other beam directing devices.