Other health professionals

As well as doctors and nurses, the multidisciplinary team caring for you draws on the skills and experience of staff from across the hospital.


Your condition or its treatment (or just the anxiety of being in hospital) might affect your appetite and it is important for your health and well-being that you stay well nourished. A dedicated team of dietitians give dietary advice to cancer patients, and if necessary can arrange special diets or nutritional supplements. Please ask if you would like to see a dietitian, or mention any dietary concerns you have to your nurse. 

More information about dietetic services for cancer

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists work with cancer patients to improve everyday function and also to prevent disability. We offer advice and education to patients and their families and/or carers as part of the treatment provided.


Pharmacists arrange the supply of medicines for inpatients and outpatients; they also prepare chemotherapy treatments. There are two different pharmacies within the hospital. The cytotoxic pharmacy makes chemotherapy medication, whilst the outpatients pharmacy prepares all other medications.


Phlebotomists are specially trained to take blood samples from patients. (This may sometimes be done by nurses and doctors too.)

Point of Care (POC) Staff

Staff who work in the POC room process all the blood samples that are taken by the phlebotomists.


Physiotherapists work with cancer patients, helping you maintain your fitness and overcome disability. One of our physiotherapists, Sarah Tunnicliffe, has produced a video, aimed specially at improving fitness in patients who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Exercise for life video

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