Cancer support online

The Macmillan Cancer Support Team at Addenbrooke’s can now be contacted online and can support you with any non-medical issues you may be dealing with as a result of a cancer diagnosis or the cancer treatment you are going through. 

Worried about cancer?

Not sure where to turn or who to speak too?

We can help.

Whether you are struggling with financial, emotional, practical or any other non-clinical issues, we can offer help, support and signposting to other support services to make living with cancer that little bit easier. Simply fill out our form below.

Please be aware we are not a clinical service or an emergency service and cannot offer any clinical advice. For any clinical or appointment enquiries, please contact your clinical team. We will aim to respond to your message in 72 hours.

A Needs Assessment (NA) is a simple and quick questionnaire. It helps you identify your needs and concerns, and informs the development of a personalised care and support plan. It can help us find the right information and support that’s most important to you at the moment.

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