Inpatient chemotherapy

Occasionally you may need to be admitted to hospital your treatment needs to be given over a longer period, making it impractical to receive it on the day or outreach units.

Most of our patients have their chemotherapy as outpatients. However, it may happen that you need to have planned treatment as an inpatient. If you are having planned chemotherapy as an inpatient, we may ask you to go to the Oncology Clinic first, or you may be asked to go straight to the ward.

Regardless of which ward you are booked onto please ring the Oncology Patient Bed Manager after 08:00, on the morning of your planned admission: 01223 216319.

We ask you to ring in to check that there is a bed available for you. While we make every effort to ensure that beds will always be available, sometimes situations beyond our control mean that we cannot admit you on the planned day. In this case we will tell you what to do next when you ring in and ensure that we find a bed for you as soon as possible.

You could also be admitted to hospital if your cancer or the effects of your treatment make you too ill to remain at home.