Our nurses look after patients and their families or carers, in the clinics and on the ward.

  • In the day unit or satellite units, nurses supervise and administer chemotherapy and other treatments, as well as giving advice and support as needed
  • On the inpatient wards, teams of nurses are responsible for looking after patients who need to be admitted for hospital for treatment

Cancer care is highly specialised. As well as general nurses, experienced in all elements of patient care, our team includes specialist nurses, nurse practitioners and research nurses.

  • Specialist nurses and nurse practitioners specialise in a specific cancer site or treatment.  They are highly experienced. It is likely that one of these nurses will be your key point of contact throughout your treatment
  • Research nurses work care directly for patients, while supporting the work of a clinical trials team. If you choose to take part in a trial, the research nurse will ensure that you are provided with the right information to make an informed decision about your treatment. They will supervise some aspects of your treatment while collecting the information that is required by the trials team (link to CCTC).
Sue Bailey
Matron for clinical trials
Linda Bavister
Renal and testicular cancer nurse specialist
Elaine Chapman
Macmillan lead cancer nurse
Dochka Davidson
Sarcoma specialist nurse
Helen Oakley
Divisional head of nursing
Lisa Putt
Lead cancer nurse and Macmillan cancer quality and experience lead
Jessy Varghese
Research sister
Linda Worpole
Gynae-oncology specialist nurse