We see more than 4,000 new patients each year as a regional centre for rarer types of cancer and also as the local hospital for patients living in the Cambridge area.

We’re responsible for adult cancer services. Treatment for children is managed by another department in the hospital. You’ll find links to our wards and clinics for children and young people under Where we are.

Cancer services comprises four areas: 

  • oncology –  treats cancers of the solid organs
  • haematology – treats cancers of the blood as well as non-cancerous blood disorders 
  • radiotherapy – uses high energy radiation to treat a variety of cancers
  • palliative care - offers specialist advice and support both on symptom and total care of patients with life-limiting illness

The Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC) combines research expertise and patient care, planning and delivering clinical trials in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK (CRUK). This puts us in a strong position to translate innovative research into treatments for patients.