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Our progress so far

Our sustainability progress to date has been productive – we have cut significant amounts of carbon (alongside benefitting from a ‘greening’ of the national power grid) and reduced operational budgets whilst contributing to CUH being an even better place to work.

Environmental Sustainability work to date

We have been working to make our services more environmentally sustainable for many years.

Outline of the progress made so far, including 25% of staff cycling to work and 2,700 tCO2e reduction from energy projects since 2010

Highlighted below are some of the projects we are currently working on and scaling up to deliver real benefits and savings.

Energy & Sustainability Manager Richard Hales shares how CUH is helping the NHS lead the fight against climate change with ground-breaking new technology


Our Action 50 Green Plan (opens in a new tab) takes CUH’s learning and experience into a fully reframed response to what and how we consume.

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Our vision for change

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Aerial view visualisation of how the Babraham Park and Ride site will look when the solar panels have been installed over the parking bays