PhD MSc. Head of vestibular service within the audiology department

Tel: 01223 217797 (Audiology)

Professional bodies:

  • HCPC
  • BSA
  • BAA


In the audiology department Dr Knight is the lead of the vestibular service, which essentially means the balance testing and rehabilitation for patients with balance problems. He also undertakes hearing tests, and appointments regarding hearing aids and tinnitus counselling. Within the NF2 team he will most often be encountered performing the hearing tests but may also undertake hearing aid fitting and fine tuning, tinnitus counselling and balance testing.

Papers and publications:

  1. Diplacusis, hearing threshold and otoacoustic emissions in an episode of sudden, unilateral cochlear hearing loss. Knight RD. Int J Audiol. 2004 Jan;43(1):45-53.
  2. Wave and place fixed DPOAE maps of the human ear. Knight RD, Kemp DT. J Acoust Soc Am. 2001 Apr;109(4):1513-25.
  3. Indications of different distortion product otoacoustic emission mechanisms from a detailed f1,f2 area study. Knight RD, Kemp DT. J Acoust Soc Am. 2000 Jan;107(1):457-73.
  4. Relationships between DPOAE and TEOAE amplitude and phase characteristics Knight, RD, Kemp DT. J Acoust Soc AM 1999 Sept:106(3):1420-1435
  5. Also a co author of some other clinical audiology and NF2 papers and has written 3 book chapters on basic physics for audiology and basic clinical audiology.
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