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Audiology - Clinic 10

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The audiology department provides a comprehensive hearing and balance service including several specialist clinics, seeing patients through each stage of their treatment.

Our services

Urgent advice: Sudden hearing loss

Sudden loss of hearing (or a sudden change in hearing) can have different causes, some of which may benefit from urgent investigation and specialist treatment. If you have a sudden hearing loss, (over a period of 3 days or less) you should arrange to be seen by your GP or in your local emergency department. Your local ENT service can then be contacted to arrange tests and any appropriate treatment.

I have an appointment

If you have a booked appointment arranged, please ensure you read the letter and guidance on attending the clinic carefully. Appointment times will be strictly adhered to, to comply with additional safety measures required at this time. Please see the hospital’s general guidance (on the hospitals home page) on the requirement for face masks / coverings.

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Paediatric audiology appointments

Where possible, please do not bring siblings to appointments. If your child wears hearing aids and you require advice regarding ear moulds, hearing aid repair services or application support information / letters from audiology, please contact the department using the online forms or email us.

The NDCS website (opens in a new tab) has a wealth of useful resources on permanent hearing loss, hearing aid and assistive technology, education and communication advice. As well as information on temporary or fluctuating hearing difficulties caused by glue ear.

Patient information

Please click here for our audiology department patient information leaflets.

For further information we have a list of external patient resources.

Please click here for hearing aid manufacturer information.