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Paediatric to adult transition clinic (audiology)

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Aims of the service

The paediatric to adult transition service is based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and is designed to support teenagers and young-adults on their transition between the paediatrics and adult audiology services. It aims to teach independence and develop the skills to manage their hearing and hearing aid provision and providing further information and support as they move into higher education and / or the workplace.

From around the age of 15, most young people have their review appointments on the ‘transfer clinic’ and will be reviewed every 12 to 24 months; until they feel ready to transfer to the adult service. The final transfer to the adult service will not take place until the person is ready, usually once they have left full time education. This typically takes 2 to 4 years but the ‘transfer time’ is different for everyone.

Who you will be seen by

You will be seen by a paediatric audiologist who specialises in paediatric to adult transition. Some young adults with additional needs will transfer to the adults with learning disabilities clinic. This clinic is led by an adult audiologist who specialises in seeing patients with additional needs. If the young person is usually seen by two audiologists, this can be facilitated on the adults with learning disabilities clinic.

Attend Anywhere video consultation

Did you know your outpatient appointment for this service may now be done by video consultation using Attend Anywhere. This enables you to be able to attend your appointment from home, saving you time and money.

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Transfer clinic aims and activities

During your time on the transfer clinic, your transfer audiologist will aim to:

  • Ensure that your hearing aids are fitted optimally and that your aids will be serviceable by the adult team.
  • Ensure that you are confident using and servicing your hearing aids independently.
  • Review the aetiological investigations (investigations that you have had to look into the cause of your hearing loss) that you have accessed to-date and offer referral as appropriate for any other investigations that may be of interest to you.
  • Provide signposting and information about local and national organisations offering services, support and opportunities for children and young people with hearing loss.
  • Provide support (and supporting information / documentation as required) as you move through further education, higher education and / or into the workplace.
  • Review and offer advice regarding hearing equipment for you and for your home as you begin to live more independently.
  • Provide written information about the adult audiology service, including contact information and how access a range of different appointments.

How to get an appointment / referral criteria

You will be referred to the transition clinic by a member of the paediatric audiology team this will be discussed with you (and your parents / guardian at your audiology review).

Further information and support