Lisa Smith
Domestic assistant

I’m responsible for making sure there’s a clean and safe environment on the Lady Mary ward.

Although I work for a separate company called Medirest I am very much part of the ward team – I work closely with the maternity care assistants and midwives.

I have lots of contact with patients as I’m often cleaning around the bed area. They come and ask me questions. Anything they want to know, they’ll ask me. I think people find me approachable - I’m in their space all the time! I’m generally more available to speak to and have time to chat to patients.

I always find the job rewarding; anything I put into it I get back ten fold in the form of thanks from the patients and thanks from the staff. 

Lisa was the 'sustainability champion of the year' and winner of the 2012 Trust's 'Think Green' award. She played an important role in the success of a new waste management procedure and was nominated for her determination and positive approach to communicating with staff and patients.