Jayne Haycock
Healthcare Assistant

I have been working here for about 18 months. I used to volunteer on the Lady Mary ward with a view to becoming a midwife - this is still my end goal. My primary job is as an HCA in clinic 21; Rosie outpatients, which involves chaperoning the ladies during intimate examinations, doing their observations, and supporting them in any way I can.

As an HCA I book the ladies in, and assist the doctors with their clinics. I do the blood pressures, check the weight, height and take a urine sample which is all relevant for different services. When a lady can come in for an examination they can feel quite vulnerable and I am there for support. I have a lot of contact with the consultant wherever I am working and that is a nice part of the job.

We have some great patients and we see ladies all the way through their pregnancy. It’s a strange yet good job, people ask why I work at the Rosie and even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think being a woman yourself you know these things aren’t nice and I think you can make a difference to someone’s day.